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30 years of engineering
& innovation

Trident Aerostructures

Specialising in aerostructures and aerospace components. We combine cutting-edge technology, advanced metrology capabilities, and our AS9100 accreditations to deliver top-tier solutions to the aviation sector.

  • Blue Streak Manufacturing
  • Metrology
  • Tooling

Trident Engineering

Our Small Batch Manufacturing and R&D services are tailored to enhance production efficiency, quality, and the maintenance of legacy machinery.

  • Maintenance & Legacy
  • Machine Shop
  • R&D

Trident Maintenance

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with manufacturing; we understand the critical importance of keeping your factories running smoothly.

  • Data Acquisition
  • Provision of labour

Serving industrial excellence across the world

Unlocking Precision and Versatility: Discover the Heart of Our Capabilities.

Our machining prowess is exemplified through the powerful quartet: JOBS LinX3 Compact, DOOSAN VC 630, CITIZEN M32V, and PUMA 350.

Explore the limitless possibilities these machines bring to life.

JOBS LinX3 Compact

Efficient, versatile, and reliable industrial machining solution


Precision and power for exceptional machining performance


High-speed precision for small parts manufacturing

PUMA 350

Robust and versatile for heavy-duty machining tasks